Peter Caddick-Adams, James Holland, Stephen Prince, John Buckley, Stephen Fisher
Thursday 27th June 09:30 (225 Min)
Hiscox Tent
During the Second World War, 1944 was certainly a momentous year and the festival will mark the 80th anniversary with a focussed morning that draws on experts, new thinking, and very special artefacts and museum pieces that bore witness to extraordinary events. We are also confident that one or more veterans of D-Day will be at the festival to share their experiences of the Battle for Normandy. From new analysis of the fighting experienced in Normandy, through to a fresh look at the role of the Navy in D-Day, this specially curated morning will also offer a unique chance to step inside Field Marshal Bill Slim’s personal HQ caravan. The Second World War remains an enduringly fascinating subject for so many, and we are thrilled to be offering a very special, fresh and original programme this June to commemorate those world-changing events.
Event Theme: Conflict
This talk or activity does not include Festival entrance. Please ensure you purchase an entry ticket for the correct day, if you have not already done so.

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